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insurance coverage

While you are having your consultation, we are checking with your insurance company for your eligibility and benefits. We are up front about everything with you before proceeding, so you can make an informed decision. There are no surprises, but be reminded that all benefit information we give you is just a quote to us from you insurane company and not a guarantee of benefits.

We will bill your insurance for you and make sure all the necessary information is included. Anytime custom orthoses are needed, we would need a prescription from your physician. If you already have a prescription from your physician, you may contact us directly.

health plans

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • HealthPartners / Cigna
  • Humana
  • Medica / MMSI / Select Care / Labor Care
  • Medicare
  • Minnesota Care
  • Preferred One
  • South Country Health Alliance
  • Ucare
  • United Health Care

If you have a different, or private insurance, we can still bill them for you if you wish.


Our custom made foot orthotics cost $400. We also offer other shoe inserts and modifications that cost much less. We will work with you to determine what your best options are. We do not charge fees for office calls, fittings, or adjustments. You will not be billed for our services without being given a quote of your cost for the service.

Your prescription for custom molded foot orthotics is no different than any other prescription you have had in the past. It can be filled by any provider you choose. It is to your advantage to know and understand what services are provided and at what cost.

If you bring a prescription for custom molded foot orthotics to Foot Support, you will be scheduled for an initial one hour appointment. At this appointment, a thorough biomechanical assessment will be completed to make sure your prescription is properly filled and that you are 100% agreeable to the expected outcome and cost to you. Up to this point, there is no fee to you. If you decide to have your orthotics made at Foot Support, a mold of your foot will be taken by the practitioner and you will be scheduled for a fitting.

Orthopedic prescriptions are billed using L-codes. These are predetermined prices that are allowable and paid for by your insurance provider. Cost above the allowable fees are your out of pocket expenses, and some providers have higher fees. Because Foot Suppot is a provider for all local insurances, you are billed for what your provider allows.

Pain Relief Starts With Your Feet

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