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Athletic Injuries

Foot injuries are among the most common athletic injuries, partly because there are so many parts of the foot - 26 bones, plus ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles - that can be injured. That's why it's also extremely easy for a relatively routine injury like a sprain to mask a more serious problem.

Appropriate footwear can help athletes avoid or mitigate foot injuries. Footwear can also play a major role in rehabilitation and recovery. Because Foot Support specializes in shoes and foot orthotics, we can play a significant role on an athlete's health care team.

Most sports injuries can be broadly categorized as acute or chronic. Acute injuries are "fresh" ones with fairly obvious causes and effects. Chronic injuries usually occur from overuse, repetitive motion or stress. Because athletes sometimes play through pain - ignoring an injury, or favoring the injured spot and putting unusual pressure on other areas of the foot to compensate - they can experience additional damage without realizing it.

This is the athlete who seems to always have some type of pain or discomfort from right foot, to left knee, to hip and back, etc. Subconsciously protecting one part of the body and overusing another. Enhancing the biomechanics of the lower extremity with appropriate shoes and foot orthotics can be extremely beneficial in healing the whole body. Pain is not normal.

Pedorthic intervention can help an athlete avoid or recover from injury. Orthotics and shoe modifications must be individualized for the person and the sport. Since even a personally tailored shoe or foot orthotic can't assist every athlete in every situation, sports-related foot injuries will continue to occur - and Foot Support can help during the recovery process.

Whether the need is preventive, accommodative, conservative or compensatory, Foot Support can help athletes remain active and enjoy their sport to the fullest.

Pain Relief Starts With Your Feet

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